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    Dear visitors of Korea EMI's web-site,

    I am happy to welcome you and would like to thank you for your interest in our company. Korea EMI Technologies is the Electrical parts production company in Korea mainly producing Exothermic welding materials, Lightning Warning System more than 10 years and recently developed special LED Lights for Naval application.

    We are small but alway wanted to be at leading edge of our fields since company founded in the year 1990.
    The company production capacities can satisfy the local demand of Korea customers also allow to export products to worldwide customers.
    Our website will help you to receive up-to-date and accurate information about Korea EMI Technologies. I hope that you will find this information useful and interesting. We are always open to cooperation and implementation of joint projects.

    Y. K. Lee (Daniel)
    CEO of Korea EMI Technologies co.,ltd

    1990 : Established Korea EMI Technologies co.,ltd
      Technical Joint venture with PMI Technologies (U.S.A)
    1993 : Distributorship Agreement with GLT (Australia)
    1994 : New Technologies Development Agreement with
      Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)

    1996 : Registered as a Special Products Supplier to LG Construction
    1999 : Established Sister company NCTECH INC
    2002 : Established Sister company EXOTECH INC
    Distributorship Agreement with LPI )Australia)
    2008 : NCTECH INC merged with Korea EMI
    2009 : ECOTECH INC merged with Lorea EMI
    2010 : New Factory commission.
    2020 : New Factory commission.


    1. Production
      Exothermic welding materials
      Lightning Warning System
      Data and Signal Line Surge Protector
      R.F Signal Line Protector
      Lightning Strike Recorder
      Marine LED lights ( Military Purpose )

    2. Engineering
      Services including trobleshooting lightning damage and power problems, tracing lightning paths in equipment rooms, recommending corrective measures, designing specialist protective devices and the planning of protective measures and grounding systems for new installations.

    3. Installation
      Install Power, Data and Signal line surge protectors
      Install Lightning Air terminal
      Install Lightning Warning System

    Business Fields

      Military ( Navy, Army and Air forces )
      Golf Courses
      Industrial Factories
      Telecommunication Facilities
      Air Port and other Civil projects
      Export to worldwide requirements

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