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EXOWELD (Exothermic Welding Materials)

Exothermic Welding Process
  • What is Exothermic welding ?
    Exothermic reaction is the reduction of metallic oxide such as copper oxide or iron oxide by more reactive metal, aluminium.

  • Advantages
    Exothermic welded connections are permanently molecular bonded. Thus, It is ;
    1. Does not deteriorate with age
    2. Equal to current carrying capacity (fusing) of the conductor
    3. Does not loosen by time
    4. Not required special skill to weld
    5. Quality can be assessed visually
    6. No external power or heat is required to make connections
  • How to make an exothermic welding connection
    - Fit a handle clamp with a graphite mold.
    - For the first use of the mold, dry the mold using a torch.
    - Clean the conductors.
    - Place cable ends in the mold.
    - Close the handles to lock the mold.
    - Place the metal disk into position in the mold.
    - Dump the welding powder into the mold.
    - Sprinkle the starting powder over the weld metal and on the lip of mold.
    - Close the cover and ignite using flint ignitor.
    - Open the mold after the metal solidifies.
    - Remove the slag from the mold before making next connection.

  • Electrical Grounding
    EXOWELD Grounding connections are able to carry as much current than the conductors, both in surges and continuously. EXOWELD Grounding connections are used to weld cable to cable, cable to steel structures, cable to earth rods, cable to bus bar, bus bar to bus bar, all in various configurations.

    EXOWELD connections are used to weld the power return circuit conductors to the rails and also for rail signal bonds.

    EXOWELD connections are widely used to weld cathodic protection wires to pipes.The EXOWELD process is being used on high pressure transmission gas and petroleum pipes.

    EXOWELD connections are also used to weld some very large copper bars in various configulations and sized as large as 50mm x 500mm.

Tools & Accessaries
    Exothermic weld metal is a mixture of copper oxide and aluminium, packaged by size in a plastic cartridge. These cartridges are packaged in inner boxes along with red colored starting powder cartridges and metal disks. Inner boxes are packaged in outer carton boxes. Each weld requires one starting powder and one disk.

    Mold Handle Clamp: EC-M / EC-L

    Flint Ignitor: EF-RH / EF-R V-Brush : ET-008-1

    Mold Brush : EB-R Scrapper : ET-009

    Mold Sealer : ES-MDisks Cable Brush : ET-008

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