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Lightning Warning System (LWS MK-II)

System Configulation
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    Lightning Warning System LWS MK-II is a non-directional local warning instrument designed to provide early warning of an approaching storm front that contains lightning discharges. It has been designed to provide protection for personnel and equipments.
    Early warning of lightning in close proximity allows appropriate safety precautions to be implemented by those involved in a diverse range of activities, mining, construction, quarrying, seismic surveying, oil and gas exploration, oil and gas production, ship loading, where explosives are being used and for those engaged in outdoor recreational activities like golf or soccer.
    Lightning Warning System is microprocessor controlled which provides concise easily understood alarms; it provides an alarm situation when the internal analysis of prevailing conditions indicates the approach of lightning.
    The system antenna senses alterations in the electric field strength and also detects both near and far lightning discharges. An alarm is triggered when either the static field changes or when a far or nearby lightning discharge is detected. Two levels of alarm status are provided by the system.


    Verify that the LWS MK-II package consists of the following components:

    Main console
    Antenna assembly with 50m cable
    Electronic siren with 20m cable
    RS232 cable for PC based event logging
      (Software can be downloaded from website)
    Grounding kit (One (1) 12 x 500mm Ground Rod and One (1) Rod Clamp)
    AC Power cord
    Optional Items: Motor SirenS, Relay kits for remote alert with motor siren

Technical Data Sheet
    Description: Lightning Warning System
    Model: LWS MK-II
    Control Console Materials: High Quality ABS Case with Front Legs
    Dimensions: 310mm (w) x 100mm (h) x 260mm (d)
    Weight: 3.0Kg
    Console Mode: Micro Processor controlled via RS232 port
      Measured electric field strength and detected lightning discharges
      are used to generate warning and alarm conditions, indicating
      likelihood of lightning discharge in the monitored area.
      Extensive external alarm facilities are provided together with
      self-test capabilities.
    AC Power Supply: 85 ~ 265v Free voltage, 50-60 Hz
    Sensing Antenna: Fiberglass, 2 section total height 3 meters
    Sensing Antenna weight: 6.8 Kg (Including 50m cable)
    Sensing Modes: Electrostatic Field Meter (0-10Kv/m) & Lightning Discharge Detector
      - Far Strike >approx. 10Km
      - Near Strike
    Warning / Alert Alarm: Electronic siren
    Material: ABS, weather proof
    Weight: 1.8 Kg (Including 20m cable)
    System Packaging: The system is shipped in heavy-duty reinforced cardboard cartons

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